Our Contact Us Pro extension is a fully loaded contact form, with built in field validation, and email fields comparison features, our component now has Google’s reCAPTCHA support built in, helping limit the amount of spam you get from your website.



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"We built this extension to use on our own site, after getting fed up with the amount of spam, and not finding any reliable reCAPTCHA plug-ins we just broke down and built our own component to fit our needs, and over the past year our customers have made some really good feature requests that we were able to build in. We are always adding new features and making updates to the form to keep the extension current and up to date with the ever changing technology."

—Christophor S. Wilson
Director of web development

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Setup & Configuration

After you have installed the extension you will want to create a new menu item.

  1. Under the Site Contact Information panel, this is where you enter in your company's contact information that will get displayed at the top of your contact page.
  2. Under the Email Settings panel, enter in the subject that you want to use as the default email subject.
  3. Add the email addresse(s) you want the form to send the messages to.
  4. If you want to dispatch a copy of the message to the customer, you can enable it here.
  5. If you want to use custom CSS within the email to style to fit your company's branding, you would enable it here.
  6. Use the Custom Email CSS Styling field to enter in your custom CSS code.
  7. If you want to add your company logo to the top of the email message you can select that here from the drop down menu. You will first want to use the default Joomla media manager to upload your company's logo to your site's images folder first.
  1. If you are playing on using reCAPTCHA you can click on the reCAPTCHA panel and enable the function.
  2. Then enter in your private and public keys.
  3. Now select what reCAPTCHA theme you want to use.
  4. Under the Redirect Settings panel, you can change where the form takes the user once the form has been submitted.
  5. If you want to use an article to display a custom thank you message, you can enable it here and then select the article you want to link to.
  6. You can also disable the default thank you message as well if you like from here.
  7. From the Form Field Validation Settings panel you can enable / disable any of the default fields, set what validation you want to do with each of the fields.
  8. The Layout Settings panel, this where you can customize the layout of the form to fit your needs, you only need basic HTML knowledge, no PHP/JavaScript knowledge is required.
  9. Once you have made all of the required changes click the save button in the upper right.


The following is a list of tokens you can use in your custom HTML field within the components menu item parameters:


The following is a list of CSS classes you can use in your custom HTML field within the components menu item parameters:


Blank page after submitting the contact form: If you recently upgraded from a previous version or have made modifications to the custom HTML layout HTML code, make sure that the {ERROR_MESSAGE} token is somewhere within your custom HTML layout field, this will correct the issue.


  Contact Information

Your company’s contact information is displayed at the top of the page. There are fields to add in your company's name, address, city, state, zip, toll free phone number other phone number, and fax line.

  Email Settings

You have an option for the email’s subject, from email address, and the email address(s) the contact form should send messages to. You now have the option to enable the ability to send a copy of the message to the customer letting them know that you have received their message. There is now also an email styling system in place so if you want to use CSS to style the way the email looks you have an option for that, you can now also display your company’s logo at the top of the message too.

  Redirection Settings

There are now redirection options, by default the form will return to itself and display at message at the top of the page thanking the user for their message. However, there are times that you may want to redirect the user to an article, you now have the option to select an article to redirect to after they submit the form, you can enable or disable the default thank you message from displaying at the top of the article too.

  Gravatar Settings

You now have the option to place a Gravatar avatar anywhere on your contact pages using the new {GRAVATAR} token. This new feature is ideal when adding contact pages for individual users / staff.

  Form Field Validation Settings

All of the default fields all have validation settings built in, so if you want to make all of the form fields required or select the individual fields that are required. You can enable / disable each of the default fields from here to, so if you don’t need all of the fields displayed for a specific form you can disable the unneeded fields, hiding them from view.

  Custom Layout Settings

From here you can change the way the form is laid out, so if you want to move the fields around and reorder them, you can. If you want to add in some of your own custom HTML, this is where you would do it, no more hacking the extension or doing template overrides, simply copy and paste your own custom HTML in to the field.

  Custom Form Fields

We just added the ability to add custom form fields, if you have a basic understanding of HTML, you can now create your own fields and drop them in to the custom layout field, this is a great feature if you want to add in a new field that is not offered by default. NOTE: Validation is not used on custom fields.

  reCAPTCHA Settings

There are fields for both of the public, and private keys, and a dropdown menu to select the theme you want to use with the reCAPTCHA validation form.

1 Month Subscription$24.95
Updates for 1 month
Support for 1 month
1 Year Subscription$54.95
Updates for 1 year
Support for 1 year
2 Year Subscription$99.95
Updates for 2 years
Support for 2 years

New Features:

NEW Added in support for Joomla 3.5.x.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed We made some minor bug fixes for Joomla 3.5.(0/1).


Fixed Added support for Joomla 3.4.

Fixed Other minor bug fixes.


Fixed We fixed the annoying bug that would include the hidden submitted = 1 field in the emails, this has been removed.

Fixed We removed the icons from the tabs when editing a menu item, we also removed the assets folder from the backend as it was no longer needed.


We fixed a bug for Joomla 1.6.x to 2.5.x that would cause an error 500 when the extension would try and load jQuery, this issue has been fixed in this release and only effected v1.2.2.


We fixed a bug that was causing the validation script to load before jQuery. We fixed a bug that was causing the phone fields to be required when they where not. We added the missing page-header class to the page title H1/H2 tag. We added in the missing label tags around each input field. We added the "thumbnail" class to the Gravatar avatar image. We added support for Joomla 3.2.x.


We fixed a few that was causing two warning to get displayed, the problem was two missing error message tags, one for the subject, and the other for the message field, these tags will display text if the fields are lift blank and the form is submitted.  Both issues have been fixed.


This is a major release, in version 1.2.0 we cut about 80% of the fat off of the code of this extension, we added in HTML5/CSS3 and Joomla 3.1.x support, we replaced Adobe Spry JavaScript framework form validation with Parsley.js for jQuery, this cut a large amount of code off of the top and has made it much easer to add in custom fields that can now be validated as well using the custom layout HTML field in the menu item's settings. The CSS has been overhauled and cleaned up. The JavaScript and CSS files have both minified to help with load times. With both the JavaScript and CSS files getting all new code, if you have made any changes to ether, make sure to make a backup before upgrading to v1.2.0.

We fixed a few bugs in this release as well. When using SSL the reCAPTCHA would error out, this issue has been corrected. We also changed out all of the custom PHP code that was used to submit the email via the PHP mail function, we replaced it with the Joomla JMail object, this will now look to the global configurations for email settings. This will help users who's hosting providers block PHP's mail function.


We added in Gravatar support, you now have the option to enable the Gravatar feature and place avatar anywhere on your contact page using the new {GRAVATAR} token. This new feature is ideal when adding contact pages for individual users / staff.


We fixed a bug with the extension not displaying the menu’s custom meta tags, we also cleaned up the controllers, and view code.


We fixed two bugs with the new client/admin messaging system that was causing the contact form to fail.


We fixed a problem with the form's validation system that would allow the form to be submitted even if no data was entered. We also moved the images, css, js, and lib folders out of the frontend component folder in to the frontend media folder.


Security Fixes:

  1. We patched a critical security issue so please update as soon as possible!

Bug Fixes:

  1. We fixed some broken language tags in the Joomla administrator.

New Features Added:

  1. We added the ability to have separate customer / staff thank you messages when using the new blink carbon copy feature.
  2. Added the ability to enable/disable the thank you messages at the top of the email messages.

Extension Maintenance:

  1. We updated the form’s CSS to use the new Twitter Bootstrap CSS classes, we removed old unnecessary CSS classes.
  2. Added a new update.php file to move and or remove old and unneeded files from the extension.
  3. Created a new assets folder in the admin directory.
  4. Moved the images, css, and javascripts files to the new assets folder.
  5. Created a new library folder to hold library files.
  6. Renamed the reCAPTCHA library file from (recaptchalib.php) to (recaptcha.php).
  7. Moved the (recaptcha.php) to the new library folder.

We added in support for Joomla! 3.0.x


We added some great new features in to this release, in doing so we had to recode a large amount of the component, it is strongly recommended to uninstall any current version of this extension and reinstall the with the latest version (v1.1.3). Some of the new features, you now have the ability to include your own custom HTML fields (a basic understanding of HTML is required). We added in the ability enable a customer copy; this is great for an auto reply feature letting the customer know that you got their message with a copy of their message. We added in a new custom HTML email template / CSS feature, so you can style how the customer’s emails will look. We also added in an email Logo feature so you can add your company’s logo to the top of each email. This is a big release and I hope you all enjoy it.


We fixed a major bug that affected some servers not loading the language file correctly, we have updated the language file and the layout file. If you have made any changes to your language file please make sure to make a backup before updating to the latest version.


We fixed a minor bug with the form not removing the form field data after the form was submitted.